Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Welcome to the World

And so: On March 30th, sweet Willow finally gave birth to (gulp) TRIPLETS! Two little boys and one girl!

Mother and lambs are all doing extremely well. It is amazing to me how quickly they are all up and running- lambs AND Willow! I had some initial concerns with having three lambs and two udders. Sometimes one lamb will continually get shortchanged and may need to be supplemented. But not Willow's babies! Willow has plenty of milk for the lambkins and they seem to have worked out a bit of a schedule. Often I find two playing with one sleeping. When the sleepyhead wakes up, it is ready to nurse as the other two begin to wind down to rest. It seems to work for all!

During the day, I now let the little family out of the jug and into the barn. The lambkins are already getting springy and fast!  Everything is an adventure!


If you build it.....

.....they will come!

Yesterday, I tried to turn them out into the field with the other ewes. Not a success! The ewes are wary of these little ones (silly sheep!). When one lambkin found himself in the midst of the ewes, while looking for Mom, they began to head-butt him about until I had to move in for a rescue! I decided to wait for a few more days before we go that route again- to give the lambies more life experience first. Therefore, yesterday the lambkins got to have their first free-range!

The three of them stayed close to Willow, but happily explored the new terrain. They also visited with their daddy- Mr. Cloverfield! He is such a proud father and is so sweet and gentle with the little ones, even if it is through the fence for right now.

Here is the family, with brother Rocket and Mr. Cloverfield in the background.

The lambkins began to tire and it was time for Willow to take them back home, where each had a good nap.

Willow is so impressive. From her birthing of the triplets to her protective tending of them, she is a rock. Everyone deserves a mother like Willow!

Now I am watching RosyPosy- she should lamb in the next week or so. This will be her first, and it looks to me as if she is carrying one lamb. Here udders are really filling, and she is sleeping much more during the day. Won't be long now!

I see a visit from the shearer in the near future (actually, next week)!
Mary sez: "It's about time!"